This ACT curriculum combines three proven training programs into one great compliance solution. The following programs are used with permission and attribution to the developers. The courses have been formatted to be consistent with the ACT program. The courses are validated accessible and comply with Section 508 and W3C requirements.

Protection of Human Research Participants

The courses in this curriculum were developed by the National Institutes of Health - Office of Extramural Research (NIH-OER) to specifically meet the federal policy Required Education in the Protection of Human Research Participants. Attribution is hereby given to the source materials located at their web site named NIH-OER Protecting Human Research Participants. (Human Subjects course listing)

Ethics and the Responsible Conduct of Research

The courses in this curriculum were developed by the Association for Research Integrity (AFRI) to specifically meet the mandates of the National Science Foundation (NSF) mandate on training in the Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Research. The courses correlate specifically to nine core topics as recommended by the Office of Research Integrity (ORI). Each course covers their recommended topics and have case studies relating to various program areas of NSF; such as social science, education or engineering.
(Ethics and RCR course listing)

The Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals

The courses in this curriculum were developed by the Laboratory Animal Training Association (LATA) to specifically meet the policies of the Public Health Service (PHS) on training in the humane care and use of laboratory animals. (Laboratory Animal course listing)










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